(1) Download the EXE installer above.

(2) Install it to your preferred path on your HDD.

(3) Just hit A33.exe to start exploring the office!

Don’t have any administrator permissions to install the package? Click here to download the ZIP archive!

Chrome users: you have to scroll down this page until the video disappears to be able to click on the link above!



(1) Download the DMG file above.

(2) Double-click on the DMG file.

(3) Search for the mounted DMG in Finder.

(4) Right-click and Open it.

(5) Trust the source.

(6) Just start exploring the A33 office!



This project was created using Unreal Engine 4 therefore a decent videocard is needed for the best user experience.

We don’t recommend using integrated VGA cards (such as Intel Graphics HD) – we know for sure that it will really slow down your computer.

We have tested it using ATI Radeon R9 270X and nVidia GeForce GTX960 without any performance issues.

Although weaker cards might be enough for a great user experience, we recommend equivalent videocards anyway.

Your computer should also geared with an Intel i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM at least.



The interior design was created by Kristóf Göbölyös.

Click here to learn more of him and his design studio Art Front Hungary.

Art Front Logo

The project was created in 2016.