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Let’s talk about NODE Live! on Skype!


I suggest that we should have a short, 10-15 minute long conversation about it. In this meeting I will show you how this technology looks like and how it works in practice, using screen sharing on Skype.


You will learn a lot of details about this technology, such as…


… How you should use this technology for presenting your projects to your clients.


… What are the future possibilities for this technology. (As I told you, this is just the beginning.)


… How you can implement it into your workflow. (In your case it’s pretty easy actually.)


… Some technical details and what you would get as an output at the end of each project.


… The hardware requirements of it.


… Answers to your questions that you might have.


At the end of the conversation I will send you a demo scene so you can check out the overall experience on your computer as well.

I think you have nothing to lose with this short Skype conversation.

What would be an appropriate time for you to talk?


To set up this conversation, please fill out the form below. After you have sent your suggestion, I will get back to you soon.





András Rónai

NODE Visual

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